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Welcome to The Mermaid Design and Interiors division. We offer comprehensive design, build and interior design services under one roof. Our group of passionate and talented professionals has been creating forward thinking residential and commercial designs for many years. The Mermaid Group Design Team provides complete Design and Implementation services for architectural and interior design projects. We work in collaboration with outstanding professional sub-consulting firms to deliver turnkey solutions, ensuring that the concept is optimally realized and our clients are always satisfied their Mermaid Dream Design exceeded their expectations.

Architecture & Interior Design
All aspects of building design from minor interventions in existing structures to new buildings, from massing down to fine detail design can be provided to ensure the highest quality environment and building to suit the client’s needs

Design Services:

Sustainable Design
We believe that sustainable design should be an integral part of every project by implementing the LEED green building rating system and the Integrated Design Process. Both are extremely beneficial to owners in providing energy efficient, cost effective and healthy living/working environments. The LEED rating system is used as a green building system that strives to balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, occupant comfort and well-being, community development and the economics of building construction and operation. The Integrated Design Process is for the owner to commit to high performance and energy efficiency and to ensure that these commitments are recognized by each team member, beginning with the earliest stages of the design process. Clients and architects together with client users, mechanical, electrical and sustainable engineers meet at the earliest stages of the design process.

Furniture Design & Selection
Custom designed built-in or loose furnishings such as cabinets, bedroom furniture, wall units, shelving etc can be designed and purpose-built for the project. The firm has contacts with many high quality mill workers and furniture makers working with high quality woods, metals, glass and many new materials.

Master Planning
The firm’s work can include larger scale site analysis, zoning studies and master planning to provide a functional cohesive whole to larger properties

Audio Visual & Signage
Technologies including LED and plasma display, Audio-Visual and sound boards and press media components to fit more specialized requirements can be integrated into the design.

Implementation Services:

Site Assessment & Selection
The site is one of the most important considerations in a project and a critical factor in the success of a project. Services are offered for selecting and evaluating sites tailored for the long and short term to the client needs.

Research & Development
Recent advances in materials and technology, and in ancient techniques applied in new ways can contribute to the efficiency, sustainability and/or viability of a forward looking project.

Programs are developed by the architect and client together in an effort to define the nature and scope of a problem to fit present and future needs. Specific size and spatial needs are determined at this stage of the project development. The scope of the project is defined to fit the present and future needs, and a framework for the best possible solution is developed.

Cost estimating
At each project phase budget review can be offered with area and itemized cost estimates and value engineering to provide the client with a useful forecast for the project’s bottom line.

Scheduling controls
In concert with the client, strategies for project phasing, separate bids and contract schedule controls can be implemented to meet the project timetable goals

Budget controls
Projects requiring value engineering that doesn’t compromise functionality and the design during the contract phase can be implemented when unexpected increases in costs arise.

Building code consulting
Where the complexity of the project dictates, comprehensive building code analysis can be provided at any stage of the process.

Core Services:

Pre Design
The pre design stage may include, site selection, programming and research and development. Schedules, budgets and contracts are finalized and the design process is introduced to the owner.

Schematic Design
The spirit of the project is distilled into a preliminary solution and presented to the client. Project site planning, structural, mechanical and environmental systems are introduced at this stage.

Design Development
The project is developed into a comprehensive solution. Consultants for structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and other consultants participate in the development of a comprehensive solution that supports the architectural design intent. Preliminary details are drawn and schedules are prepared.

Construction Drawings & Specifications
Materials and methods are further developed and finalized in plan, section and elevation drawings, complete with product specifications and details completed to provide a clear set of construction documents which form the basis of the contract.

Permit Application
Prior to construction and occupancy many approvals are required, and may include local zoning and site plan controls, usually prior to application for building permit.

Contractors are invited to bid on the completed construction drawings within an allotted period of time. After the close, the competing bids are opened and evaluated, and the project is awarded, often to the lowest bidder.

Contract Administration 
During the construction phase the architect will monitor the work for conformance with the contract documents through site visits and construction meetings, and issuing all required documents in this phase, while acting as a liaison between client and contractor.

Visual Communications:

Nearly anything our clients can think of is attainable. We also offer realtor and developer signage installation as well as complete design services through several of our industry partners.

Whatever direction your moving in our team knows the way home

Whatever direction your moving in our team at The Mermaid Group of Companies knows the way home


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