Custom Deck & Fence Building – Spring & Summer 2014

The Mermaid Group of Companies offer start-to-finish deck building services to our customers in the planning, designing and building of their new outdoor living space. 622034bWe begin by meeting with our customers to discuss their needs, ideas and budget requirements for their new deck. We use a variety of different decking materials and bring samples of those products as well as picture albums of decks we have built to give our customers ideas of what we can do for them. We also prepare and procure all of the required permits for our customers. Permits are REQUIRED in all localities in British Columbia, deck additions and replacement decks. The only time a permit is not required is if the work is for non-structural repairs. If any deck contractor or company tells you that you don’t need a permit for your deck project, they are incorrect. Our team at The Mermaid Group of Companies doing things right the first time and ALWAYS recommend getting a permit for your project. The cost is minimal for the peace of mind that your deck has been built, inspected and approved for current building code requirements.

We offer references of our past customers that our potential customers may contact with any questions or concerns regarding our company’s reliability, professionalism and timely, efficient service. Many of our past customers will allow our potential customers to visit their homes to see our work. We want all of our customer’s to feel completely at ease with their choice in having us build their new deck. We really do build every deck like it’s our own!

Often homeowners don’t realize that they may be putting themselves, their families and their friends in danger by having a simple Saturday afternoon barbeque on their decks. Many decks and in particular cedar decks are in need of annual maintenance and inspection as well as better anchoring to the home or even worse, being completely replaced. Many of the decks on the west coast were built before codes were changed requiring that a deck be attached to the home in a safer, more safe and secure manner. ipe-garapa-mix

Another example of a dangerous condition in a deck would be the existence of “dry rot” in the wood frame structure or in the decking or railing itself (see picture below). This condition, while the term is something of an oxymoron, is created by the existence of microorganisms (typically fungi) that are present when the wood is damp for extended periods of time. Some homes that are built in areas with mature trees or near creeks have decks that stay moist most of the time or may never receive much direct sunlight to dry them out after being wet. These decks are prime targets for dry rot. Dry rot is often far worse than we think because it generally goes farther into the wood than can be seen with the naked eye. The only real cure for a deck with dry rot is to replace it. If you live in an area where your deck will not receive enough direct sunlight to keep it dry or in a high-moisture area, we recommend either replacing it with a composite deck or, if using cedar or other wood products, plan to keep it well maintained with sealants applied every year.

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