A Mermaid Group Renovation Spotlight On The Rancher

If you live in or around any of the lovely and always desirable mature character home populated neighborhoods anywhere on the west coast, you’ve probably noticed the overwhelming number of mid-century ranches throughout your city.   In fact, there are millions of these popular character residences in Canada, considering that in the 1950s, millions were built – the ranch being the most popular style.

Recently, the ranch has exploded back into popularity thanks to the “retro” revival and with many retirees wanting to downsize but not desiring attached living. Regardless of popularity, ranchers are among our team at The Mermaid Group’s favorite houses to renovate.


Why We Love Renovating Ranchers

1. Good Bones

Ranches typically have “good bones” – meaning the structural components are intact and sound. Foundations are solid and often include thick cement block walls. The framing lumber is substantial and in excellent shape, barring any rot or termite damage. The framing, plumbing, and electrical are also close to today’s standards and may require less updating – which means more of your budget could go towards other things on your wish list!

2. Adaptable Floorplans

The typical ranch home includes many rooms – all close in proximity. By creatively using all of this available square footage, we can often remove walls and make interior adjustments to support today’s open floorplan preferences. Working within the home’s existing footprint also stretches your budget further.

3. Simple Details

Ranches were purposely built with simple details, giving the homeowner a blank canvas to work with. Although you may find a few original ranch masterpieces around town, the majority of Atlanta ranches have simple finishes of a more colonial style. A good thing, because today’s ranch can be easily adjusted to reflect a traditional, modern, retro, or craftsman façade.

4. One Level Living

As baby boomers begin to retire, the concepts of one level living and aging-in-place continue to grow.  We and our industry partners can make your ranch home even more appealing to people of all ages and abilities.

Other ranch features we love: big windows, sliding glass doors, large yards, geometric designs, clean lines, we could go on and on. . .not to mention that they are often located in lovely areas with mature trees and landscaping.

If you’re the lucky and smart rancher owner, your home is your canvas. From ranch conversions to rear additions to interior remodels, the possibilities are endless.  We can help you from design to completion with your very own Mermaid Dream Renovation.


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